Our Story

Escolta Coffee Company 

We are a Manila-based coffee roaster whose team is obsessed with coffee and its journey from cherry to cup and the potential unlocked every step of the way. We’re passionate about sourcing great-tasting responsibly produced coffee in the Philippines and elsewhere in the globe.

Community of Advocates, Advocates for Communities.

Our team is diverse and so are the communities we are engaged in—ranging from coffee, medicine, cultural work, art, entrepreneurship, and even men’s grooming! We are an active participant in our neighborhood and communities through the various advocacies we champion.

A Combined Decade in the Neighborhood

Our team has a combined 10 years of working in Escolta. We are inspired by our neighborhood and the community that has grown around it through the years. 

Our name is a tribute to the neighborhood, its history, and what our great coffee can contribute to it.