Collection: Highlight: Kalsada and San Roque, Bukidnon

Who’s up for great coffee and company this weekend? 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️

We’re celebrating the great work of our neighbor Kalsada Coffee and their partner community in San Roque, Bukidnon by featuring coffee from this origin in our manual brew bar and retail beans. 🍃🍃

Available this weekend are:

Whole Beans 200g:
🔘 San Roque Washed
🔘 San Roque Catimor Naturals
🔘 San Roque Anaerobic Naturals Fine Robusta

Whole Beans 100g Limited Release:
🔘 San Roque Anaerobic Naturals Arabica

Whole Beans 20g Single Brew Sachet:
🔘 San Roque Anaerobic Naturals Arabica

Elevating Philippine specialty coffee by partnering closely with producers has been the center of Kalsada's work these last nine years.



Cheers to Kalsada's partners in Sitio San Roque led by Alyn and Arnold Libante! This is a win for them and for Philippine coffee.