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Escolta Coffee Company

Coffee Drip Bag Sachet Singles

Coffee Drip Bag Sachet Singles

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Drip bags have been a popular way of enjoying coffee over the years. These bags, which are also known as "coffee drip bags," are inspired by Japanese Origami and feature a unique and innovative design. The filter pouch transforms into a self-contained drip coffee brewer, making it easy to brew fresh coffee anywhere.

Unlike instant coffee, which is made from freeze-dried crystals of pre-brewed coffee, each drip bag contains actual ground coffee beans. This means that when you pour hot water over the drip bag, you are brewing the freshest cup with real coffee beans. This gives you a rich, full-bodied flavor that is much more satisfying. So next time you want to enjoy a cup of coffee, try our coffee drip bags and experience the freshness and flavor of real coffee beans in every sip!

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